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Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Problem With Running

So, a couple of months ago, I started to run. For fun. Like, run. Around a park. I smoke a pack a day. Does this sound like fun?...At first? HO. LY. HELL. But now, the more I run, the more I love it. I recently bought some new "go-fasters", all the cute little running shorts I could find, and an enormous assortment of sports bras. I? am all set. Trouble is, my legs are still getting used to the whole idea of running. The new shoes didn't seem to help the situation any either. My knees are starting to get all achy and I feel like I'm ninety years old. I have figured out how to run through the pain, so that is not really the issue. My problem is that I can no longer stand to wear my 3" stillettos to work. It makes my knees hurty. So now? I am offically 5'-6". Gone are the days of my lofting around at a supermodels height. I have been brutally thrust back into reality. The world looks different from down here. I have to raise my arm a little more to reach door handles. I can no longer see over the cubicle/prison walls without resorting to my tip-toes. I am now a tiny little dwarf living amongst giants. Not to mention that flats? not as sexy. Not that I have anyone to be sexy for besides my Colin. But hello? Tall looks so much better on me.
So, the other day I went to Marshalls. Home of the worlds greatest shopping one day, and home to shopping that I wouldn't send my worst enemy to the next day. This, happened to be a good trip. I actually found a pair of flats that I like! They are really similar to these. But mine? are better. Thats right. Mine are better because they are actually from, like, India. So, yeah. Take that big manufacturing companies. I went straight to the source. Kinda. So, I guess I am lucky that there are actually some cute flats out there right now. Maybe I am joining a trend without trying to? I am still pissed that I can longer sport my Via Spiga Pumps anymore, but at least for now,
I will be known as the girl who rocks flats.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Start of Many Wonderful Things to Come

One lazy afternoon, a lonely young girl sat at her living room window, staring out with longing in her eyes. Across the way was the neighborhood park. The typical stuff. Some swings, the horrible metal slide the burned like a son-of-a-bitch on a hot summer day, the bizarre indian teepee that the older kids used as a urinal. The little girl wanted more then anything to go outside and romp around in the park, but with no friends around the prospect seemed just as boring as staring out from her window. The house caddy corner to hers was for sale. There was a family that was looking it over at the moment. Suddenly the little girl noticed someone walking down to the park. Another little girl!! Joyously she ran to her parents. "I'm going to play in the park!" she screamed. Barrelling out the front down she ran through her lawn, past the curb, onto the street without checking for cars (she was always a bit of a rebel), and into the great freedom that was the park. A bit slower now, a little timid, she made her way towards the swing set. The other young girl was sitting on one of the swings, barely moving, kicking up the dirt underneath her and twisting the rusty chains that were holding her up. She was dressed in a girl scouts uniform and she had quite a distraught look on her face. It appeared that she had no desire to move into the house next to the park. She stopped swinging and looked up at the other little girl. At this moment, I met my best friend, Sarah.

I love you with all of my heart Sarah!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Colin the Great

So, I just want to say that I have the worlds greatest husband. Not only did he come and join me for lunch yesterday, but after he left to go home, he called me and said, "why dont we go shopping tonight. We can get you a new outfit for thursday." (thursday being our big trip to NYC for a taping of the daily show!!) Seriously, I think that he might just be the greatest thing since sliced bread. I LOVE MY HUSBAND!

Speaking of which, have you seen those bumper stickers yet? the "I Love My Wife" ones? You know, I really hope that Colin is all about telling everyone that he meets (especially pretty girls) that he loves his wife. I hope that the first words out of his mouth are something along the lines of "Hi. My name is Colin. I am married to the most beautiful, sexy, caring, intelligent, wonderful women in the world and I love her" But really, a bumper sticker? I don't think that it is sweet at all. In fact everytime I see one, I see this little vignette play in my head that involves a very evil wife clenching a meat clever above her husbands head, screaming about how the sticker must be slapped all over said husbands car lest wife will surely make husbands life more of a living hell then it already is. Maybe thats just me...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

WooHoo!! Green

i am such a dork.

Hello Internet!! i have the worlds most boring job, so i decided to start a blog. it's all amalah's fault.
I have been reading her archives for the past week or so (its like crack, people) and shes so funny and witty that i thought to myself, well i must be as cool as her.
yeah... turns out i am only slightly cooler then this guy .

the truth is...i don't even think that i have anything to write about. but i will continue to ramble on until i get fired from my job. unless i have my very own cathartic moment. in which case i will become brilliant blogger type and all major publishers will have to vie for my attention. large book deals will ensue and i will be the next steven king...only not a guy. and no to the whole horror thing. i also do not live in maine. ok, so maybe a little more like...
its really sad that i can not think of any female authors that i look up to.
will definitly look into that.

so, i guess this is my first official post...tada!!

look out have no idea what just hit you

The shot heard round the world

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