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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I came to a very strange realization on Christmas. One that I am not so sure I am prepared to accept. One that I didn't think would ever apply to me.

Apparently, my friends and family think of me as 'the cat lady'. Allow me to explain.

Colin and I went to his Mom's house on Christmas Eve. From her I received not one, not two, but three pairs of socks with kitty-cats on them. Three pairs. One actually says in big letters, "I LOVE CATS". As if you couldn't already tell due to the fact them I am wearing the socks depicting cats in the first place. Don't get me wrong, they are very cute socks, and I unfortunatley will wear them.

Now, I know what you're thinking, that's just one person, surely your whole family doesn't think of you that way. Well, jump to Christmas morning. I am opening my stocking which was filled by my husband. What's the first thing that I open? Cat socks! Now, since Colin and his Mom are from the same family, I thought perhaps they are the crazy ones and it's not me?
Further evidence. We stopped off at our neighbors house on the way out the door. Lynn, she was one of my bridesmaids. I'd like to think she knows me fairly well. She gave me one of those adorable charm bracelet things where the links are the charms. Without fail, there it is, the I LOVE CATS charm, complete with paw prints as if some miniscule cat ran through the tiny charm while the metal was drying. It was at this moment that I realized I am the crazy cat lady.

It gets even worse, as I sat down at the end of the night to see what pictures I had taken to document this very important first Christmas as husband and wife, much to my chagrin I noticed, that nearly all of the pictures were of...My cats.

This was perhaps one of the more frightening moments in my life. Luckily there were a few pictures of my husband. Most notably this one:

Thank God I am already married or I would have terrible fears of dying alone and being eaten by my cats after a few days passed and they started to starve. Just for future reference, I am the Crazy Cat Lady. My new favorite website is cats in sinks. Which, lo and behold, I actually have a picture that I could submit, catapulting me a little further into crazy land. Please, pray for me.


Blogger janet said...

ha I totally know what you mean. My sister sent me this link with a figurine of a "Crazy Cat Lady" that she said she wanted to buy me. But yes, at least you already snagged Colin so you don't have to worry TOO much....I hope :)

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