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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cigarette butts and McDonald's Bags

Holy shit she's alive!

I tried to come up with a good excuse for why I haven't written in the past million days, but then I decided not to lie. It's qwyzzle ya'll.

It is kind of like an internet scavenger hunt. There are 100 levels and I am on 57. It has sucked me in and I am deep within it's grasp. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I decided I needed to take a break and write a little as my head is reeling from level 56.

Not much has happened this week. Except that Colin cleaned the house. This is a B.I.G. deal. Colin doesn't clean. He hides things. If he goes to the McDonald's drive-thru, he will eat the food and then shove the bag into a strange crevice in the couch only to be found by me, months later, when I move the couch to vacuum behind it. I don't get it either, don't worry. It's one of his weird quirky things. He has many. Although to be fair, I am sure that I have more.

Colin hasn't had to work for the past three days. You see, he works for my brother and whenever my brother doesn't work, neither does Colin. It could be that my brother is sick or there is no work to be done or he wants to play a round of golf that day. Whatever. This week it just so happens that he seems to have gotten a case of the food poisoning that's going around. So no worky for Colin. Also no pay for Colin. This isn't a fancy job with paid vacation and health insurance. You don't work, you don't get paid. So, to make up for the lack of money that we will have this week, Colin decided to clean the house. And also cause we don't smoke anymore.

When we were smokers we had no problem living in our own filth. Ashtrays with mounded up cigarette butts and overflowing with stinky ashes were a regular sight at La Casa Persson. Not to mention the random McDonald's bags, empty cigarette packs, dirty dishes, and balls of cat hair. We knew it was there, we just didn't care. Sure, I would get embarrassed when visitors stepped in the doorway, but I would just light up and feel all better about it. Now, we have realized just how disgusting we really were. The smoke had to speak.

The past three days I have come home from work to a progressively cleaner house. Monday I walked through the door and I could see the dining room table. A huge step when you consider that there is a dining table hidden somewhere behind this wall of boxes. Tuesday I came home and I could actually walk all the way around the dining table and even sit and ! eat ! at the table. Wednesday I come home and the house smells of Raspberry scones and not cat litter box. I can sit on every chair in the house as well as walk into our bedroom without having to bound over piles and piles of dirty, and possibly some clean, laundry. I want to host a dinner party or something. A toast to my newly rediscovered beautiful house! Instead we cooked ourselves a real dinner. Lambchops with mushroom risotto and parmesan asparagus. And then we sat at the table we purchased with the intention of using for meals. We opened a bottle of Dog House Chardonnay and enjoyed every last drop.

And by the way, it's national de-lurking week, so all two of you that read my blog better leave a comment dammit! Or else...


Blogger Erika said...

I've commented before but congrats on the clean new house!!

8:28 AM

Blogger goldmoon said...

That's so funny about him hiding things!! My husband does the same thing, ESPECIALLY if it's fast food wrappers because he doesn't want me to know he eats that crap.

I also find empty beer bottles in the strangest places. Not to worry, he's not an alcoholic--just lazy.

10:10 AM

Blogger KellyF said...

I'll be your first delurker today!

2:52 PM

Blogger janet said...

yay for house husbands!

11:13 PM

Blogger AnnaBana said...

I must confess, I hide things. Well not thingS, just 1 thing: you know those mini Snickers? If I eat a few while on the couch, I hide the wrappers between the cushions. Because nothing makes me feel more gross than being sprawled on the couch with 5 mini snickers wrappers all around me. Hiding them is almost the same as not even eating them in the first place!
And how GREAT to have a man who actually CLEANS!! I've heard of those before, but I thought they were an urban legend!

1:07 PM


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