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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

No, I do not look like this picture

I recently discovered the joy that is make-up brushes. More specifically, eye shadow brushes. You see I always just haphazardly threw on eyeshadow with the spongy foamy stick thing provided. I know, blasphemy! I believe my inability to fully comprehend makeup stems from my mother. My darling Mommy.

She's not a hippy. She's not a tomboy. She's a normal mom. Usually people have excuses for why their mom never taught them how to pluck their eyebrows. Their names are usually Harmony or Sunshine. I guess my Mom was just old fashioned. Growing up, thirteen was the magic number. I could do everything when I turned thirteen. It was the year that I would finally be able to get my ears pierced, wear make-up, and shave my legs. That's right, I wasn't allowed to shave my legs until I was thirteen years old. I was in 9th grade, high school, when I turned thirteen.

I was the girl in middle school that was wearing pants in 90 degree weather. I always elected not to play outside at recess because it was just too damn hot. I was so embarrassed. Oh the horror! 'What if Brad sees me and my unkempt legs! He will never like me! Especially since Lindsey has been shaving since she could walk.' It got to the point where I actually resorted to attempting to "shave" with scissors. I still have an indentation in my leg where I took a little chunk of skin out instead of hair. We are talking serious tragedy here. I blame all of my current social tics on the fact that 13 was just too late in life to begin such fundamental girl things.

So now, at 24 years old, I am finally learning how to properly do my makeup. I went to Sephora and got all kinds of pretty little brushes designed to make my getting ready flawless and simple every time. However, I am afraid that perhaps I am overdoing it a tad. If you ever see me walking down the street and I look as if I am street walking, please pull me into the nearest dark alley and molest my face with some makeup remover, because I am still trying to get this right. I have 13 years worth of catching up to do. Oh and also if you have any tips for me, please let me know.


Blogger amanda said...

ha ha, this is so funny. And here I thought it was tragic that my parents made me wait until I was 10 to pierce my ears!

I'm not training with Team in Training, since the MD chapter doesn't send a team to Hawaii, but I'm kind of doing it my own way.

Good luck with the running (and the makeup!)

11:17 AM

Blogger AnnaBana said...

I feel like I'm still learning how to do a lot of stuff too. I always wish I had a personal stylist, you know, someone to tell me if my outfit is not nearly as cute as I think it is.
My only makeup advice: Less is more! And NEVER do your makeup how most of the Mac Counter people do!!

2:04 PM

Blogger janet said...

oh god I remember waiting for permission to shave my legs too! Once, I shaved just my knees, thinking somehow it would be small enough that I couldn't get in trouble, and large enough to make my legs look better. I was SERIOUSLY wrong about both.

As for the overmakeuping, I understand that too. Since I live in a basement apartment with no light, I sometimes am shocked by the mirror at work when I have like ten times as much bronzer on as I should, but I just couldn't SEE it when I was applying it!

10:32 PM

Blogger Jessica said...

LOL I could totally relate. My mom was really old fashioned and my dad was a jerk, so I had to wait until I was 13 to shave my legs, 14 until I could wear nylons. Oh, yeah, and I was never allowed to wear pants! Talk about some embarrassing teasing I had to endure from the other girls at school when I had hairy legs sticking out under my skirts! lol Heck, I just got my ears pierced for my 30th b-day! lol Maybe that's why I went into modelling? To prove to my parents that I was, indeed, a girl? lol

Anyway, about the makeup, put your makeup on outside and it'll be just right. When you put your makeup brush into your blush, tap it out either on the side of th econtainer, or on the little mirror part, then put it on. Do that with all your powdered makeup, including eyeshadow. Tap it out, don't blow on the brush and don't tap it on your hand, cuz that's icky and that's a good way to get pink eye and other nasty eye diseases.

Now, here's the best trick of all. Get a clean face cloth and rinse it very, very lightly under warm, not cold and not hot, water. Wring it out very well. It should be damp, not wet, not dripping, just lightly dampened. Then, put it over your face. Do not wash or scrub or even move the face cloth. Just place it over your face quickly and take it off. Voila, your makeup is set for the whole day and you shouldn't need a touch up until dinner time! :) Hope these tips helped. Take it easy and have fun with all those brushes! I ADORE brushes. lol

5:15 AM

Blogger liberalbanana said...

Ooh, I've found my new favorite blog! This was so funny! I can totally relate - I've been dying to get some foundation and concealer at a real makeup store (read: not CVS) for a couple weeks now (ever since I did a photo shoot with my own regular everyday makeup on and saw the huge bags under my eyes and nearly cried). I had never even heard of using a brush to apply, er, paint on makeup until I did my first (and only) real modeling event so far -- and my skin looked pretty damn flawless. We'll see how it goes. Every weekday, I apply my makeup on the BUS on the way to work, so this could get ugly. And ugly's definitely not the look I'm going for. :-)

As for shaving, I was apparently a TOTAL dork and didn't even think of shaving on my own. The day I, uh, became a woman - when my family was CAMPING (ugh) - my dad's girlfriend was like, "Yeah. You might want to start shaving now?" Um...okay! Sure. (Cut to me three days later laying on my bed crying, "I hate being a woman!") Fun times.

11:41 AM


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