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Friday, January 06, 2006


I am actually busy at work this week. I know right, that is totally not possible. I NEVER do anything around here. But alas, tis true. So for lack of something better, I thought I would just throw a couple of updates out here.

* I am officially a non-smoker. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself. I am on day number 5 and it is going surprisingly well. After that first horrific day and night, I have been cruising through without much problem. The hardest part is the habit, not the nicotine. When I am done eating dinner I instinctively reach for a smoke. Its weird, I never really realized how ingrained it was. Colin is doing well with it too. I don't think he wants it as badly as I do though and that makes it a little harder for him. Lynn is a quitter. Actually she's a non-quitter. She gave up. She came over taunting us with a freshly purchased pack last night. We have will power.

* My friend/co-worker Bill, that was diagnosed with Leukemia passed away yesterday afternoon. It was a very short struggle, which I think is probably best. I am glad he didn't have to suffer for months on end. He was a wonderful man, full of life and character. Heaven just got one of our best.

* I am slowly getting used to the new hair. Turns out, the bangs weren't really too short, she just put so much product in them, that they appeared shorter. Or my hair grows maniacally fast. You choose. I prefer my hair with less volume, does that make me weird?

* Speaking of me being weird, Janet mentioned that her sister, who is currently in dental school, has pictures of jars full of teeth. I was overcome with curiosity and therefore left a comment that perhaps I'd like to see the tooth jar. Well, apparently I am not so crazy, others left comments in the same vain and lo and behold, today? pictures! With jars full of teeth! Crazy I am.

* I need new black boots. I am tasking you, my reader(s) with scouring the internets and finding me the perfect pair. Good: ankle/calf height, black, leather or similar (no suede, patent, etc.). Price: $0-125. Still up in the air: pointy or round toe. I am a big fan of the point even though it is slowly being phased out. I am open to round however. Must: be classy. No chunky heels, no wedges, not too trendy, because boots should be reusable year to year. Thanks!

OK, I guess I have to get back to doing this thing called work? It is a very foreign concept and I am not quite sure how one sits still for eight full hours and actually does something other then surf the web. Wish me luck!


Blogger KellyF said...

I was one of those fellow weirdos who wanted to see the pic of teeth. I just can't help my curiosity sometimes.

Oh and I love your haircut! It looks so cute!

3:42 PM

Blogger goldmoon said...

How about square-toed boots? After buying 4 pairs of calf-high, round-toed boots over the years, I switched to the square toe this year and LOVE them!

9:58 PM

Blogger janet said...

I, too, have been searching for the perfect pair of black boots for MONTHS. I can't find them, unless they cost more than $100. And at the rate I wear through my shoes, I just can't afford those. Part of my problem is that I am only looking for very pointy-toed. I may be going overboard in my fanaticism for witch boots. Someone might need to stop me.

7:59 AM


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