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Monday, February 13, 2006

Damn Groundhog

Suuuure it's going to snow. I believe the weatherpeople, they're alllways right.

Weatherpeoples prediction: 8-12"

My prediction: 3-5"

Actual snowfall: 16"
Weatherpeople: 1
Me: 0

Yup, we got blanketed in this weekend. It's great to be stuck indoors all weekend with the hubby and the kitties. Hot chocolate, fireplaces, and cheesy movies. Just not so much in your parents basement. I don't know, it kinda takes the romance out of it, call me crazy.

Especially annoying thing #517, smoking outside (cause maybe I forgot to tell you, but that whole quitting thing lasted until I was standing outside of the smoldering ashes of my home at which point, give me a fucking cigarette!) (oh and, we're not smokers, we're just going through a hard time) (no really, I swear)

Smoking outside is even more uber-annoying when it is a blustery 15 degrees outside and snow is coming at you sideways. Not happy drunk on wine sideways either. Which there was a little of that this weekend too, but when is there not?

"All of this snow has made us tired. goodnight"


Blogger Isabel said...

The snow...I hate.

But it is pretty to look at.

And you don't sound like a "smoker"'re just going through a hard time. I understand! :-)

3:12 PM


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